About Me

Personality Type

    I am an ENTJ, according to Meyers-Briggs, and though mainly an Orange temperament (The Four Lenses), I'm balanced enough that technically I'm a "Flexor".

Music Experience, History, Influence

    My first experience in music was accompanying my mother and sisters in church on keyboard.
    From there I played piano with the Youth Praise Band at chuch in high school, sang in the Youth Choir and the Adult Choir in church, then learned guitar so that I could play guitar in church.
    I attended 3.5 years of music college, during which time my main focus was piano, performing a Junior piano recital.  I was studying to be a music minister.  I took voice lessons while I was there, and while I was there I learned to play the double bass and the viola, though I am at best an amateur in these.  I also did a summer internship with my music minister at my home church.  While I did not graduate, I had met all the music-related requirements of my degree by the 3.5 year mark.  I also sang with college choir.
    I played electric bass for a church in New Mexico for about 2 years.
    I was lead guitarist at Covenant Community Church in Florida for around 2 years.
    I led worship in South Korea for about a year, singing lead vocals and playing lead electric guitar.  While there, I also played piano for the gospel ensemble.
    I was lead guitarist in a church in Japan for around 3 years.
    I am mainly influenced by the styles of "big church", i.e. Hillsong, Gateway, Lakeview, Lakewood, Vertical Church, New Life Church.  However, I am very musically flexible: I have sung the requiem in Latin, Handel's Messiah (whole thing) with a major symphony, and I grew up singing hymns and the early praise and worship "choruses".  Even though I believe that musical excellence should be pursued, it should not come first, as God comes first, and ministering to people comes second.  But I believe you have to reach people through what they're used to.  I will write more about this later.

Religious Experience, History, Influence

    I was saved at a young age.
    I consider myself basically Southern Baptist, but I don't follow them directly.  I believe Jesus Christ is 100% God (in Spirit) and 100% human being (in the flesh).  My theology is mostly what I see and read in the Bible and Strong's Systematic Theology.  I prefer to read from the ESV, but I am experienced enough (barely) in Greek to know how to figure out if something is translated correctly, and I don't hold to any specific version of the Bible.
    I believe in speaking in tongues (foreign languages, and only if 1 Corinthians 12 & 14 are being observed and obeyed), I am opposed to "private prayer languages", I believe in dancing and enjoying worship (so long as it is about God).  I am theologically conservative.  I believe in security of the believer.  I do not believe baptism saves.  I am not a Calvanist (I take the stereotypical partial-Calvanist stance the Southern Baptists do).  I am not a snake handler.  I believe in salvation mostly along the lines of the Calvanists, though I do not believe that God chooses to grant anyone salvation against their will, so I mostly hold that both belief systems (Calvanism and Arminianism) are half-right, and therefore that it's really a blend of the two.
    I have felt called to music by God since age 13, a calling that has not waned.

Education and Experience

    I spend 3.5 years in music college.  This college was also a religious one, so I have a lot of religion credits.  Essentially, I got the first year in a four year degree on Pastoral Studies while I was there.
    I have my Fiber Optic (FOA/FTTH) certifications, an A+ computer certification, a FCC certification for aviation radio, and a Ground Radar license (GROL).
    I have been using Linux since Slackware 9.0.

Physical Hobbies

    I am mostly into weight lifting.  I play sports, but I don't watch sports on Television.
    I still play a lot of music.
    I like to go shooting at the gun range.
    I don't watch much Television.  When I do, it's usually a rental on Amazon or it's on Netflix, as I absolutely despise commercials.

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