On my web page, I only advertise for companies that I know and trust.  So if you see an advertisement button on the left, it's because I have used their product(s) and recommend them.
    I do not get any money for these advertisements, and all the images are hosted from my own web page, with permission.
    If I don't already advertise for your company, don't bother trying to contact me to ask me if you can advertise here.
    If I already advertise for your company, thank you for your products!  If you wantt to do something nice in return for my help, contact me.
    Here are a list of the companies I advertise for and why.

Strings And Beyond

    This company first impressed me with their prices.  Ever since, they have been nice to me, sending me free samples of many things for nothing, and they are the first of all the ads I placed on this website.  And ever since I put this ad on my page, they have been more than gracious to me, even sending me free strings, easily making my cost per pack of my favorite string, D'Addario EXL120 for electric guitar, $2/pack as of 2015.


    This is my favorite web browser for Linux and for Windows.  With the Adblock Plus and NoScript plugins, it's easily the best web browser available.

Freedom Munitions

    This is a Texas-based ammunition maker that works great and is the best ammunition I have used for the price.

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