My 2011 Honda Fit "Sport"

    This is where I talk about the orange 2011 Honda Fit "Sport" I bought in roughly December of 2013.  Yes, I put "sport" in quotes because it is absolutely not a sports car, though it has some sports-car-like qualities.


    We purchased this car around December of 2013.



    My experience with this car has been very good overall.  However, I would like to contrast it to my 2001 BMW 325ci.

Maintenance History

    Now I will list, chronologically, all the maintenance I've done on this car.  For what it's worth, I always use Mobil 1 0W-20 and FRAM oil filters.  I also tend to change the oil before the oil life readout starts to nag me.  Additionally, the vast majority of the miles on this car have been highway miles.  If there is a missing oil change, it's only because I didn't put it in the maintenance booklet in the car.  I have missed writing down a few changes, but in reality, all changes were accomplished.  Indeed, I am starting this webpage (3 June 2017) because I ran out of room to record these in the maintenance booklet.

31 May 2014

    Replaced engine oil and filter @ 33,034 miles. 

31 July 2014

    Replaced tires with Yokohama AVID Ascend 185/55R16.

29 November 2014

    Replaced engine oil and filter @ 43,269 miles.

11 June 2015

    Replaced engine oil and filter @ 52,840 miles.

16 December 2015

    Replaced engine oil and filter, and rotated tires @ 62,473 miles.

19 August 2016

    Replaced battery with a 5 year warrantied battery @ 79,827 miles.

17 September 2016

    Rotated tires @ 81,737 miles.

17 September 2016

    Rotated tires.

22 November 2016

    Changed oil and filter @ 82,793 miles.

9 December 2016

    Had dealership replace A/T fluid and filter @ 83,885 miles.

1 May 2016

    Had dealership flush and fill brake fluid.

2 June 2017

    Put about half a small can of R1334A (plus oil) into the air conditioning.  Like the Honda CR-V I used to own, it seems this car loses half a can worth of R134A a year.

3 June 2017

    Changed the oil and filter today, and rotated the tires.  Recently, when we had the Honda dealership flush the brake fluid, they had reported to us that the front brakes were nearing the end of their lifespan, so today we took a look at them.  Contrary to what they said, the front pads were at roughly 5mm and the rear shoes at 4mm.  Since the minimum thickness (Haynes manual) is 2 mm (front) and 1.6mm (rear), we have some lifespan left, so we inspected both brake assemblies and sprayed them out with brake cleaner.  I took a picture of all four for future reference.


30 September 2017

    Rotate tires.

26 December 2017

    Valve lash adjusted by the dealership.  I made sure they performed the valve lash adjustment even though the engine wasn't making lifter noise.
    I also discovered that this engine has a timing chain, not belt.  So no timing belt replacement is needed because the engine isn't making noise.

3 January 2018

    I tried to replace the spark plugs (using Bosch double-platinum which will last longer).  I couldn't reach the #4.
    Had Playground Auto replace the #4 spark plug, and check torque on the other three.  I also had them check the fuel and exhaust systems for leaks.  They didn't find any problems.

1 March 2018

    Replaced oil and filter, and rotated tires.

2 April 2018

    I had the Honda dealership replace all the brakes.  The car has roughly 105K miles on it.  The dealership claimed it needed new tires, but we had an ASE certified mechanic inspect the tires, and he said we have another year of life on them.  The dealership also claimed it needed a front end alignment, but we had a shop inspect the car and it didn't need an alignment.

30 June 2018

    Rotated tires.