Broken Leg 2005

Introduction and Story

    Around the 5th of September, 2005, I was skateboarding with my friend William Jenkins.  I used to skateboard when I was a kid, but Will was out there helping me learn skateboarding again.  Will is an excellent skateboarder.  Anyways, I decided to try something I had never done: go down a ramp on a skateboard.  As I was going down, I lost my balance.  Thinking I could "jog off" the board, I stepped out with my right foot, not realizing I was not perpendicular with the ground.  My foot landed on the ramp, and then was bent inwards as I tumbled off my board.  I heard a very loud "pop".  I had my friend Will call an ambulence due to the pain, and upon X-ray, the doctor told me I had broken my tibia bone.  This was the first bone I can remember breaking in my life.


    No, sadly, I don't have pictures of the accident, but I have the X-rays.  I blanked out my personal information from the images.  These are 10% scale thumbnails and are in date order from oldest to newest.  Click on the thumbnail to see the "big picture".   Warning: the originals are an average size of 1MB:

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