Things People Say That Are Counter-Productive


    My friends and I put together a list of things people say that are counter-productive.  This is an opinion piece.  Enjoy!

Black People Lazy

    First of all, this is counter-productive because it's a stereotype.  This implies all black people are lazy.  George Washington Carver wasn't lazy.  Dr. Ben Carson isn't lazy.  My friend isn't lazy.  Hence even at the initial logic check, this is wrong.
    Second, really this is a human problem, not specifically a problem along racial lines.  As a whole, there are far too many lazy people in the human race itself.  And also, I've met plenty of lazy people from all races.

Mexicans Are Taking All the Jobs

    The problem with this one is I grew up in Arkansas.  I know for a fact that this is not the case.  There are far too many illegal immigrants with jobs in the farming sector of Arkansas.  But to say this distracts from the real reasons why.
    First, Mexicans came here because, if you haven't noticed, their own country is horrible right now.  There's far too much crime and poverty.
    Second, historically, if a job sector has a hard time hiring, sometimes it's because those without a job would rather be without a job than work that specific job.  So I think part of this is that the work force thought themselves above working that job.  Farm jobs are not glamorous, nor do they pay particularly well.
    Third, because no one is helping Mexicans become citizens.  However,
    Fourth, because farming businesses are either not making enough to pay people minimum wage, or they refuse to pay minimum wage, etc.  I do not like the state that most mexicans are in, when it comes to the illegals in Arkansas in farming: they're being paid less than minimum wage and not given any benefits or health insurance.  Basically, they're modern day slaves.  This is wrong.

Affirmative Action Gives Black People Unfair Advantages

    This one is easy.
    First, hiring should be about a person's qualifications, not race.  Often, however, this is not the case, because of factors listed above: Racism and stereotypes.
    Second, however, I've seen it work "backwards".  For a decade, the only white person working at the North Little Rock McDonalds was a manager I worked with at the Cabot McDonalds for a little while.  He would float around as needed, but mainly worked out of NLR.  When I asked him why, he said that he was literally the only white person who worked there, and got hired because of affirmative action.
    The problem isn't just a white problem: in any town where any race becomes the majority, they tend to hire only within their race.  This is not a race problem so much as it is a human problem.  Regardless of how much we like or dislike the law, or how well it works, it was intended to try to break up barriers to hiring minorities.

Minorities Commit All The Crime

    This is easy to defeat.  It's not even logical.
    I grew up in a very white area.  The newspaper, in the police blotter area, listed crimes committed.  I never once saw a picture of anyone who was of any race but white.  In my area, since it was primarily white, only white people made the newspaper police blotter.
    I now live in a different area that is predominantly white.  By far, there are more whites here, even though it's a military-friendly area.  By far, the majority of people listed in the local newspaper (you can subscribe via Facebook) in mug shots are white.
    Minorities do not commit all the crimes.  That's just not logical.  For further information, see the FBI crime statistics.

Blacks Kill More Blacks Than Police Ever Will

    This argument is also counter-productive.
    There were 1.1 million violent crimes in 2015.  But when terrorists kill our citizens, do we respond with "well, Americans kill more Americans than terrorists ever will"?  Of course not.
    Do I believe that every single case of a black man being killed by a police officer was unjustified?  No, I examine each case separately before I form my own opinion, and I also usually wait for the judge and/or jury to make a decision.
    But it's not nice, nor logical, to minimize crime by saying "well, that group kills more of its own than police ever will."  Obviously, I hope police aren't killing so many of any ethnic group that this rate exceeds the regular murder rate.  But to say it is to minimize a problem area.  To say it is not nice.

All Lives Matter

    I agree with this statement on the surface.  However, often it is said in response to "Black Lives Matter."  In other words, it's done to trivialize or diminish their frustration with how it appears that police officers do not get held accountable for their crimes.  But of course, now that I've said this, I must offer two caveats.
    First, I am talking about the statement, not the organization.  The organization has been rumored to be purporting terrorist activity, allegations that have not yet been confirmed, to my knowledge.  I am not against the organization until such rumors have been confirmed, but keep in mind that I will never support any organization that breaks the law.
    Second, I do not believe that every case that I have read about that is on BLM's radar as being a hate crime is valid.  About half of the cases have been the cop's fault.  But choosing sides is not the point of this web page.  My point is that I should be able to agree with the statement without supporting the organization.
    A friend of mine best explained this to me: if your son gets hurt on the soccer field, or bullied at school, and comes home and asks you "Dad, do I matter?", what are you going to say?  "Yes" or "everyone matters"?  I would suggest that the best response would be "yes" first, and save the second for a different discussion or a later time.


    Always remember that I try to form my opinion on the Bible and Jesus first, (true) science second, and my own logic third.
    I have mentioned before on this page that my black friend helped me with this page.  That is true.  But I do not mention it as if it is a gold medal on my chest or something worth bragging about.  I say it because it was in talking to this godly friend that I realized how I come across.  And how we say what we say is just as important as what we say (cf Biblical references on speaking the truth in love).
    I believe that all races should be heavily invested in what supports peace, not conflict, and not war.  I will never support, no matter how justified, the actions of those who loot and pillage, steal, destroy, and burn in the name of racial equality, or really in the name of any other cause.  Two wrongs never make a right.  Especially for the Christian: 1 Corinthians and several other passages in the Bible make it clear that sometimes we have to let ourselves be wronged, when it's for God's glory and not our own.

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