Musical Influences


    Here is where I discuss my musical influences chronologically.

Before College

    Before college, I was influenced by classical music, but also David Meece and Wayne Watson.  This was the era of early Christian Contemporary Music (CCM), so I grew up in the 80s and 90s of Christian music.


    In college, I learned all kinds of classical music.  I listened to every Mozart violin concerto, everything that the music library had about Andres Segovia, and practically everything by Claude Debussy.  I got to also experience many interesting things by attending a major opera and concert house where a major symphony orchestra played everything from Mahler to Beethoven.  I also got to sit in on several of the piano master sessions of Jeanell Brown of Tennessee.  I was in the choir that performed Rutter's Requiem, and got to also sing with this major symphony orchestra's choral production of Handel's Messiah (all of it, not just the most famous movement).

After College

    From then on I learned of Hillsong, Vertical Church, Gateway, Lakeview, Lakewood, and many other cool church worship teams.  Being prinarmily a guitarist, I like songs that incorporate electric guitar, so long as it is not stealing the focus from the lyrics.  I also have become rather fond of Switchfoot, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Matt Rednam, Paul Baloche, Lenny LeBlanc, and many others.  I tend to like creativity more than tradition in this regard, though I am not against pulling some old songs or even hymns out of "thin air" to do as specials.
    I am still adamant that Christians listen primarily to Christian music, as it's healthy for the soul.  This is something I do, even to the disdain of my wife when on road trips.
    Here is a list of songs that I own as of April 2015, for a picture of how diverse my selection is.  This is the (Linux) output of the "tree" command, but I made some of them links so you could click and listen on YouTube.

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