Let Them Eat Cake


    Recent events centered around whether Christian cake makers can or should refuse to make cakes for gay couples has caught my attention. And mostly I am disappointed in how this was handled.

    I am no expert, and so I am only here to give my opinion on the matter. Everyone has an opinion, and all opinions equally stink. My hope is that it will help those who, as a result of this, think that all Christians are discriminatory. I am a Christian, but I do not stand with Jack Phillips.

    Understand that, at the time of writing this, I am studying Addiction & Recovery Psychology at a Christian university. I am not a pastor. I am not an expert in any way. I am merely here to give my opinion.

Here are the questions that come to my mind about this event:


    These questions give me pause and make me reluctant to agree to any religious dogma that would instruct me to refuse to serve homosexuals. I say this to point out that not all Christians believe like Jack Phillips.

    If you are a homosexual and you are reading this, I am sorry for any fear or worry that this event has caused you. I hope you will give Christianity a second chance.

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