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  First problem found was the plugs; they were all 80 percent over spec. Next, the only spark to be found was directly off of the coil. It was too weak to jump the rotor-cap gap. The coil is integrated into the distributor. Though it can be found separately, the coil cost is a large fraction of the distributor cost. Since the distributor also houses the cam sensor and power transistor, I opted to replace the whole unit. New unit suffered some casualties during transit. Replacing the cam-driven distributor is about as simple as a repair can get. The new coil sparked happily ever after. Inside Edition - Cap and rotor  
  1632x1224 (124.2k) 1632x1224 (318.9k) 1632x1224 (190.7k) 1632x1224 (234.3k) 1632x1224 (313.5k) 1224x1632 (108.5k)

  Inside Edition - Sensor cover Inside Edition - Cam sensor and wheel Inside Edition - Ignition coil Inside Edition - Distributor body  
  1224x1632 (75.1k) 1224x1632 (65.5k) 1224x1632 (78.4k) 1224x1632 (148.7k)

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