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  073-20770-01-a 073-20770-01-b 073-20770-01-c-large 073-20770-01-c-small 5v-ground I-never-want-to-solder-again  
  581x211 (41.1k) 566x206 (39.3k) 1125x1161 (157.8k) 450x464 (48.1k) 453x413 (14.9k) 487x321 (34.2k)

  R-9_location VRMs atx-extension-hacked atx-extension-harness atx-extension back-plate-layout  
  565x354 (27.2k) 347x318 (36.9k) 292x321 (19.3k) 463x368 (67.8k) 172x381 (15.2k) 682x399 (75.6k)

  back-plate board-in-case board-mounted-angle board-mounted board-with-case case-front  
  341x140 (12.9k) 536x333 (63.7k) 350x519 (45.8k) 357x505 (50.1k) 371x411 (53.3k) 230x577 (29.3k)

  case-internal case-rear case-right case-stripped-front case-stripped-internal case-stripped-side  
  399x572 (64.2k) 240x595 (29.3k) 316x432 (23.1k) 234x455 (28.4k) 336x544 (58.1k) 391x618 (67.7k)

  enlight-hold-down fan-power-2 fan-power four-overdrives-and-ram front-damage good-VRMs  
  138x336 (10.0k) 335x309 (13.9k) 400x149 (8.5k) 407x471 (44.7k) 392x155 (20.1k) 310x215 (26.1k)

  it-lives-1 it-lives-2 loaded-tri-CPU-cards power-supplies six-CPU-POST six-overdrives-2  
  652x358 (77.4k) 589x450 (44.9k) 698x485 (127.2k) 391x294 (35.8k) 473x431 (37.8k) 691x468 (99.3k)

  six-overdrives taskmanager test-fire-1 test-fire-2 test-fire-3 test-layout  
  683x499 (114.7k) 640x456 (9.6k) 666x361 (73.6k) 617x319 (63.4k) 625x375 (75.1k) 510x337 (59.5k)

  test-mess-1 test-mess-2 tray-holes tray unbolted-stuff  
  800x600 (103.2k) 800x600 (113.8k) 384x266 (16.7k) 326x437 (25.1k) 580x359 (49.1k)

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