NetBSD/Dreamcast Kernels

Using a smaller kernel can save some RAM. Saving RAM on a machine like the Dreamcast, which is relatively RAM-limited to begin with, is never a bad idea. These kernels were built using the same tools and from the same source tree as the NetBSD-1.6L files available, so the kernels will be a direct replacement and should not cause any strange problems.

The kernels themselves are available, along with the corresponding config file used to build the kernel. The .gz archive only contains the kernel itself ("netbsd"); the config files are available separately.

To install one of these kernels, just download the gzipped kernel and gunzip it in the root directory of your Dreamcast's NetBSD file system. To avoid editing the server-side scripts that send the kernel to the Dreamcast, rename the gunzipped file to "netbsd". Don't forget to back up the old kernel before renaming the new kernel.

Available kernels are: