FreeBSD rocks. I've been using FreeBSD as my free, Unix-like OS of choice since mid 1999. I used to be a Linux penguinista (for about six years before I discovered FreeBSD), but I got fed up when the 2.4 kernel came out and broke all my old stuff, so I started looking for alternatives. Yes, it was a knee-jerk reaction to cut and run but I'm glad I did; otherwise I wouldn't be using FreeBSD today.

These pages are hosted on a FreeBSD machine. Nifty, eh?

Why do I like FreeBSD so much, you may ask. Glad you asked. Let's start with things I view as strengths for FreeBSD.

Ok, to be fair FreeBSD has some weaknesses as well.

Useful links

My experiences with FreeBSD

This section is fairly short right now; more will be added as I write it. :) I've had a lot of good experiences with FreeBSD (along with a few bad ones, generally self-inflicted), but they were all learning experiences.

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