Tech Service Library

Here you will find tips, tricks, excerpts for manuals, and all kinds of other information useful to the McCulloch hobbyist or mechanic. Anyone with manuals scanned off or otherwise digitized feel free to post.

4-30a parts manual. HTML format. added 01-16-05

Super Pro 125 parts manual. PDF format. Courtesy of Bob Cornwell. added 01-20-05

CP125/CP125 parts manual. PDF format. about 20 meg. added 01-24-05

Super Pro 105 IPL. PDF format. Added 01-24-05

610A Master IPL. PDF format. added 01-24-05

Replacement Piston and Cylinder guide. PDF format. added 10-24-05

Model 300 Parts book. PDF format. added 01-24-05

Model 250 Parts book. PDF format, used to belong to my family's tractor dealership. added 01-24-05

Early Power Mac 6 IPL. PDF format. Added 01-24-05