These are some things I am looking for, mainly saws. Contact me if you wish to post a request. When someone conacts me saying they have it I contact you. If I have to do alot of this i'll automate it, or charge seeing as I'm broke.

Saws I want

Hard Hat Does anyone have one of these? perhaps one a little beat up so I wouldn't feel guilty working in it? I may be going and falling some trees in the hills, and I`ll need one of these and a good Spencer Tape. I'll see that pics are taken, and posted. If I get my SP125, I'll include pics of it trouncing a Stihl 066 and a Husky 3120XP.

I'd Also Like to find a Mac belt buckle, baseball cap, and suspenders. In each case I'd Like one nice, and one a little beat, so I can work in it.