Installing Slackware 13.37-rc3+ on Asus EEE PC 900A

Last updated: 7 April 2011

General Hardware Specifications of Asus Eee PC 900A:

Hardware Components
Status under Linux
Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz Works
8.9" TFT Display 1024x600 Works
Intel 945GME Video Card
Works Upgraded from 1GB standard
16GB SATA Solid State Drive Hard Drive Works Upgraded from 4GB standard
Built-in SD Card Reader
Atheros PCI-E Ethernet Card Works
Atheros AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter
3-Cell Battery 4400 mAh
Works Gets 3.5~4 hours of life in Linux
Intel HD Audio Card Works
Intel 82801G Chipset (ICH7) and USB 2.0 Controllers
Has 3 USB ports
Onboard Touchpad
Understands double-finger scrolling and interprets as mouse wheel.

This laptop is operating under Kernel version


    Let me start off by saying that this is an excellent product, especially for the price.  There are a lot, and I mean a lot of reviews out there that are downright negative and horribly exaggerated.  First, it's not designed for extreme performance, so any review you see that is upset because it can't play their favorite game is worthless.  Second, this netbook is designed for a specific purpose: to be portable, light, small, and have long battery life.  It does the job on all four of those, so Asus is not some horrible company, nor is this netbook worthless.  I bought mine refurbished for $170.  The memory and hard drive are upgradeable.
    Also, there are a lot of websites out there that say Slackware Linux has no package repository.  That is an outright lie, and only demonstrates the ignorance of the Linux community gone after the fool's quest for a perfect Linux distribution.  There is no such thing.  Slackware Linux has had for some time now (including sbopkg which is a program that can grab the necessary info to compile whatever program(s) you want on your Slackware computer).  There are also two primary "-contrib" or contributed package repositories in existence, from two main developers in Slackware Linux.  Please see the links below for Robby Workman's and Eric Hameleer's package repositories, as well as for (SBo).

Basic Installation of Slackware Linux:

Setting up additional features for Slackware Linux:

Unresolved issues

Configuration Files


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