My Experiment / Experience

    I started using Mandrake when I first started experimenting with Linux.; I tried Mandrake 9.0, then 9.1, then was hooked on Slackware Linux for a while.; But after getting a new part time job as Music Minister at Desert Hills Church of God here in town, I thought that it would be best if I used and learned Mandrake Linux, since that would be the OS we would use if we started building computers to use at the church offices.; Mandrake Linux would have fewer worries.

    Note: this is an old page.  Mageia currently carries the Mandrake/Mandriva torch, and I recommend Mageia Linux.

Here are my logs for using Mandrake on my laptop

(Gateway solo 2150, 400mhz Pentium 2 MMX Celeron, 160MB RAM, 6GB Hard Drive, DVD drive):