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Hi! Welcome to my little hole in the wall on the web. My name is Josh Tolbert. I'm thirty-four years old, I live in Urbana, Illinois and currently work for a local U. S. Department of Agriculture group as an Information Technology Specialist.

This page is just a brief overview and more information is available below. This page is constantly under construction. Do not shake. Contents under pressure.


I like a lot of different things. I'll give just about anything a try once or twice before I decide I don't like it. The interests that take up most of my time lately are:

Contact info

The easiest way to reach me is via e-mail to The quickest way to reach me is via ICQ (50489581) or YIM (josh_tolbert_1977). My PGP key is available.

Where did the nick "HEMI" come from?

I'm a car numbers freak, particularly Mopar (Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle, Fargo, DeSoto, etc.) vehicles. The infamous Hemi was (and still is, in a lot of ways) just about the wildest production engine ever put in a classic American car, so...Why not use it for a nickname? :)

So why do I use "Hemi" in all capital letters? Look at any original 426 Hemi air cleaner.

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