Alpha Documentation Project

Here you can find docs and links involving the alpha processor. With luck this page will not become painfully useless drivel, like the rest. Please take a read of the Enhanced Sardine-free SRM Howto . If you have any information that would be useful in the howto, please do not hesitate to send it. This includes things you wish someone would have told you, hardware compatibility... Oh yeah, and read the howto.

Who is heviarti

I am the author of the howto, I am your humble host, please stop drooling on my hardware, and enjoy your stay.

What heviarti is NOT

NOT CHEESE I am not cheese. You're thinking havarti.

The Project

Here You'll find a quick description of the project, and what it needs. Well, right now it amounts to a howto: The Enhanced Sardine-free SRM Howto. Right now I need someone who fools with SGML to SGML-ify the Howto for LDP distribution. Personally I don't do SGML, as it looks awful when paged with more or less. As always, anyone who sees something that seems inaccurate, or doesn't see something they think they should, please email me using the addy in the howto. Also hardware compatibility info is appreciated, as are hardware donations (since I know no one has any cash to donate to the project). Also, please feel free to submit links to hardware information. If they meet with my approval they will be put on the soon-to-be-released "links" page.

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