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This is pretty much the place if you are a Mcculloch motors fan. I couldn't find any other site that was specifically mac (saw and kart people, the engine blocks are the same) I'm sorry this isn't better but this is pretty much the Rev. 01 site.

My mac collection includes two 10-10s, a 4-30 A, a 1-80, a 1-71, a 790, three 250s, and hopefully a 73 or 77 , 125, 5-10G, and a 640 soon. I have some links to other useful saw sites, and perhaps some pics of my saws. If some people will help out I'd like to make a kart-to-saw compatibility list. I want it to be easier for EVERYONE to get parts, because the taiwanese weenies running the company calling itself Mcculloch are ineffective, and haven't done anything to see that we have parts.

Keep in mind I work with a Mcculloch yet. I fall, bump knots, and buck with my Macs. At the end of the day if all my black and yellow is keeping up with the new saws I feel pretty damn good. Not all my saws are totally healthy right now, I need some parts. If you have an old mac and can't find a home for it I would be happy to host it. Not all my saws are daily runners. My 4-30 A only comes out in emergencies.. but by god if everything else is down it works for it's living.Alot of people will put Macs down, but the earlier macs will always be the finest ever built, carrying the marks of simplicity and rugged construction.

I'm always seeking mac memorabilia, parts, manuals, and other mac-related stuff

My Saws

Chewbacca, the 4-30A

My grandfather bought this saw used in 1956 or so to cut logs for his cabin in Lowman, Idaho. I've rebuilt it, and it has less than 4 hours on it. It comes out when we find wires in logs. Only problem is that the bar oiler does not work. I generally use a beer bottle filled with bar oil, and idle it low in a cut, then pour it on.

Bob Sixpac, the 1-80

I chipped this saw out from under six inches of ice at Helmich Log Products near McCall, Idaho. This is *the* ratbag saw. It's an inline geardrive. I need points and condenser for this beast.

Gojira, a 1-71

This one I bought off the tailgate of a truck for $40. It's down for a rebuild right now. I need throttle and choke rods. Anyone got them?

Update: I have 25 acres of Russian Olive to take out, and still not enough parts to fix my 1-71! Major Distress Call people! Visit the Parts Counter page *please*
La Chiquita, my first 10-10

This one is borrowed from a friend of a friend. This little saw is very impressive. For being a slight little thing, it's rugged, and reliable. If you don't use a saw alot, but want one for the house, get a 10-10.

My other 10-10

Bought this one on ebay. turned out to be slightly worn, so I work it occasionally. I just put that NOS Oregon Super Tronic bar on. It should perform very well.

My 6-10

I bought this one at the local saw shop for $20. It was in their parts heap, and had no starter handle. It also had some other small problem. I fixed it and threw one of my 16 inch bars off my 10-10 on, and it screams. I just put that professional Mac bar on it yesterday, with a freshly ground chain. I also have a 28 inch Mac-10 bar in reserve for it. Both are NOS.

Super 44 A

I got this one at Council for $10 along with two promac 850s, and some two man saw parts. It had spark, fuel, and compression... but refused to start. I pulled the head off and found a lockwasher in the combustion chamber. after it was removed the saw went to work straight-away. It's major flaw is once it gets to high RPM, it stays there.

My homeade hackjob Arborist's saw

This is what happens when you take a Power Mac 6 and put a late motor into it, with a high flow muffler, and a 10 inch bar off a mini-mac...


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