ESP LH-100 Pickups: The Skinny


    I wrote this page because I had a hard time finding information about the original pickups that came with my ESP LTD EC-100QM electric guitar.


    When I swapped the ESP LH-100 pickups out of my guitar, I remembered that I couldn't find info about these pickups, so I decided to give some info about them.  Hooking them up to a meter, I discovered that the neck pickup is roughly 14K ohms and that the bridge pickup is 15K ohms.  They are two-wire pickups with a copper base.  I didn't feel like opening the pickups up to determine which type of magnet (ceramic or alnico) they came with.

Comparable Models

    Other manufacturers are going to make better sounding pickups.  This is not to say that the ESP LH-100 pickups are not good, they are just not the best.  They have good treble response, but are otherwise slightly muddy and don't have as good a response.  Anyways, based on their resistance values, here are some comparable models:

Seymour Duncan:  SH-6 Distortion (neck and bridge)
DiMarzio:  Norton (neck) XN2 (bridge)
EMG: No comparable models (based on resistance)