My Live Jams

    This is where I post MP3s of my live recordings.  Feel free to download any of these to your personal devices for listening.  However:
    All my MP3s below are released under a creative commons license: commercial use is prohibited without written consent.  My recordings cannot be sampled, used on any other recording, combined with any other audio, sold, copied, or posted without my written consent.
    If you would like to utilize me as a studio musician or resample my works, you'll be surprised how cheaply you can purchase the rights to do so.  Depending on what it's used for, I might even give you free written consent, so don't be afraid to contact me.  I do not want fame or fortune, just to raise funds for my music addiction, I mean music hobbies.
    Soli Deo gloria.

18 May, 2019 Enlightened Studios

    Just me and my rig, solo, at a local coffee shop early in the morning.  Equipment: Roland System-1, Fender Showmaster (Seymour Duncan Jazz & Full Shred), Boss ME-70, Fender Pro Junior, Boss FS-6, recorded using a Boss BR-80 and mistakes deleted touched up using Audacity.  Completely unrehearsed: I just showed up, plugged in, and started playing.  Experiment 3 was probably the hardest, as I intentionally invented something I had never done in order to stretch myself.  Note that the System-1 was wired through the ME-70 and into the Pro Junior and recorded live, so I do not have the capabilities to balance the audio out.

9 November, 2019 Enlightened Studios

    Just me and my equipment outside of Enlightened Studios.  Unlike the previous sets, I did not edit out mistakes.
    Equipment: Roland System-1, Roland System-8, Boss ME-80, Fender Showmaster.