Juno-106 Roland Librarian Patch Samples


    All of these patches come available for free for the Roland Juno-106 via the Roland Librarian software. These are just sound clip examples.  These clips are for demonstration use only, and not for resale or reuse, commercial or otherwise. I am doing this to demonstrate the suitability of the Roland Juno-106, mainly for church environments.

    As well, I will include sound clips of other System-8 Plugins such as the System-8,  Jupiter-8, JX-3P, Jupiter-4, and Juno-60

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    I chose notes to play based on the type of patch.  I recorded them all in to my Boss BR-80 as one file, then parsed them out using Audacity.

    The second half of this article will include sound clips of some patches I have converted into pads.

    Roland seems to use following annotation: "BANK-PRESET-NAME".

    This article is currently a DRAFT. I have recorded all the examples of Roland Librarian presets, but the adapted patches below are still being recorded.

    Roland seems to use a naming convention as follows:


Factory 1

SY Anthrax
SQ CoralArpeggio
KY Poly Chorus
BR Juno P-Saws
PD Juno Warm Pad
LD 80s Lead
BS Juno Basic Bs
SY House Stab
SY LR Hoover
SQ Orion's Belt
KY Piano Caper
BR PWM VeloBrass
PD Warmer Pad
LD J-Oboe Solo
BS Juno MegaBass
FX Zipped
SY Ice Keys
SQ Bass Delay
PL Pluck Piano
SY Crawler
PD Sweep Strings
LD Big Bottom
BS Blobserver
BL Magic Bells
SY Synth Dude
SQ Pure Sine
KY Mumble Clav
SY Robo Power
PD PWM Stringer
LD Bright Unison
BS Juno Solid Bs
PD Juno Soft Pad
SY Floor 93
SQ ClimbingSines
PL Gentle Pluck
SY Juno Stab Dly
PD Nz Sweep Pad
LD Sine Lead
BS Rubber Bass
FX Velo Tube
1984 Brass
1984 Brass & Str
1984 Strings I
1984 Strings II
1984 Choir
1984 Organ
1984 Piano
1984 E Piano
1984 Clav
1984 Celesta
1984 Dark Pluck
1984 Pluck Sweep
1984 Synth Pad
1984 Sweep
1984 Reso Rise
1984 Pluck Bell
1984 ChorusVibes
1984 Lead I
1984 Lead II
1984 Funky
1984 Synth Bass
1984 Trumpet
1984 Drum Boom
1984 Caverns

Factory 2

SQ Rippin Arpg
SY Understated
BS House Bass
PD Smooth Pad
LD Vanalogue
GT Elektrik Gtr
PD Poly BrassPad
BL Reso Bell
SY DistorSyn
BS Italy 1979
PD Reso Pad
PL Saw Pluck
SY Bailed Synth
BS Bass Pluck
PD SweeperPhonic
SQ Glitter Arpg
SY Juno Stab
BS With Sympathy
PD Synth Pad
LD Sqr Lead
PL PWM Pluck
BS Techno Bass
PD Gauzepad
SY Mouthphase
BS Velo Bass
PD Juno Pad
PL Synth Pluck
SY Reso Synth
BS Buzz Bass
PD Dynamik Pad
SQ Stalactite
SY Super Vintage
BS Big Pluck
PD Hydrovox
LD Play The Game
SQ Pluck
BS Seq Bass
PD Just A Pad
BR Poly Brass
SY Party Time
SY Garage Sale
PD Heavey Pad
PL Soft Pluck
SY Saw Synth
PD Stringythingy

Factory 3

BS Strict
BL Mystical
LD SpookyResoLd
PD Flanged Moon
PL Future Rave
BR Sus Tuba
SQ Trainsontrk
BS Orion's Belt
SY Strict
PD MythofMind
KY Glitter Arpg
LD CityFnk
PL SoftKnock
SQ Ethereal
BR DeepDarkBrass
FX Blip
BS Overpower
BS ElectricDome
BS Sparks
BS DustyWild
BS DirtySub
BS SpaceRider
BS G-House Stab
BS Planets
BS Neptune Pluck
BS Powerful Hit
BS Retro Stab
BS Gritmdone
BS Anthem
SY Trippy
KY Dreamy
KY BigKeys
KY Almost EP
PL Torrent
PL Global
PL Supra
PL Keygen
PL Kream
PL Sourceplk
PL Wobbly
PL Percussive
BL BrokeFMbell
BL Broken Tube
PD Pulse
PD Rising Sun
PD KingsPad
PD Stutterform
PD Hornet
PD Orange
PD Tonight
PD Rally
LD BlockedOff
LD Thunder
LD UniSum
LD Big Square
LD SonAct
BR Brasstastic
BR NoisySawBrs
BR ResBlks
SQ SounForce
SQ Acidize
FX Flangatom
FX Trickle Down
FX Trickle Up

Axion Fields

BS Void
BS Neo
BS Sauce
BS Thing
BS 1975
BS Underground
BS Talk
BS Hunger
BS Torsion
BS Subterranean
BS In Sync
BS Venom
BS Danger
BS Cyber
PD Shadows
PD Pulsar
PD Sunrise
PD Wow
PD Warped
PD Great Below
PD Hazer
KY Nightmare
KY Labyrinth
KY Starlight
KY Spectre
KY Arcade
KY Samurai
PY Starwalk
PY Saw Dust
PY Floating
PY Sweeper
PY Crush
PY Syphon
PL Hardline
PL Spacecat
PL Particle
BR Filmore
BR Low Light
BR Cubic
BR Dreamer
BL Chimes
BL Fractals
LD Keytar
LD Mean Streets
LD Sci-Fi
LD Controller
LD Proton
LD Brazz
ST Overture
ST Run Up
SQ Lighthouse
SQ Runner
SQ Derezzed
SQ Breach
SQ Voyage
SQ Lightcycle
SQ Acidic
FX Photons
FX Hyperdrive
FX Rise N' Fall
FX Boiler
FX Compucord

Brother Tiger

BT Tape Pluck
BT O-Pad
BT Porto Arpg
BT Bass Arpg
BT Swell Pad
BT Triangle Keys
BT Echo Keys
BT Play Chords!
BT Puffer Keys
BT Square Bass
BT Pluck Sussed
BT String Bass
BT Stab Keys
BT EG Sweller
BT Bondi Bells
BT 60 vs 106
BT Rev Pad
BT Trem Arpg
BT Square Keys
BT Lagoon Lead
BT Tubular Lead
BT Grime Bass
BT MainframeLead
BT Deep Dive
BT Uni Bass Arpg
BT HoldnRelease
BT Glassy Pad
BT Grand Arpg
BT Ode to Ulrich
BT Lone Brass
BT Porto Pad
BT Owl Call

Chill 106

LD Wonky Pluck
LD Starling
LD The Rave Days
LD Tough Guy
LD Squibbly
LD Meat Eater
LD Happy Happy
LD Hollow Lead
LD Wobble Lead
LD Swimming
LD Pulse Lead
LD Organ Like
LD Toy Piano
LD Try Chords
LD A Good Day
SQ U So Pretty
SQ Ambipad
SQ Waterdrums
SQ Distant Arpg
SQ Fluffy Pillow
SQ Hardstyle
SQ Uptown Wonk
SQ DirtyBit Arpg
SQ Perc Noise
SQ Auqajam
SQ In Tha Womb
PD Soft & Smooth
PD ParaOrgan
PD Keypad
PD McSquarey
PD Phase Pad
PD Jagged Glass
SY Pulse Poly
BS Velo Solid
BS Dirty Square
BS Attack Bass
BS Non-Attack Ba
BS Funk Bass
BS Dont B Square
BS Fat Synth
BS Shorty
BS Wow Bass
DR Snare
DR Kick
DR Wubby Kick
DR High Hat
DR High Tom
DR Mid Tom
DR Low Tom
DR Crash
FX Laser Tag
FX Talk To Me
FX Radio Static
FX Satellites
FX The Swamp
FX Acid Birds
FX Dischord
FX Space Junk
FX Blips
FX Chatter
FX Hypnotist

Dark Techno

Standard Arpg
Deep Pulse
Buzz Saw
Soft Pluck
Ambi Pulse
Space Tech Synth
Harsh Lead
Smooth Bass
Drifting Juno
Mute Pluck
Chugger Arpg
Backing Synth
Dark Noise Synth
Dark Pluck
Melodic Noise
Agro Bass
Drift Synth
Noise Pulse
Spaced Out
Magic Analog
Reso Drum
Cut Synth
Tech Juno
Deep Hollow
Mystic Analog
Noise Hit Arpg
Hard Tech Synth
Ambi Flutter
Techno Pluck
Dirty Bass
LFO Pulse Pad
Noise Lift


Natrual Juno
64 Bass
Ada Smooth
Pop the Corn
Van Pad
LD The Lead
LD Brazillian Lead
Shaky Prayer
Gated Chords
Filter Play
Hollow Bell
Synth Bop
Italo Bass
Italo Bass 2
Juno Legend
What's Love
Bergerac Accord
Younger Pad
Cyborg String
Boom Funk Bass
Wonderful Brass
West End Bass
Crispy Arpg
Juno 303
Reso Bass
Miami Hats

French House

BS Parisien
BS Etanche
BS Dessous 1
BS Dessous 2
BS Plat
BS Autour
BS Doux 1
BS Doux 2
BS Maitre 1
BS Maitre 2
BS Rugueux 1
BS Rugueux 2
BS Chauffeur 1
BS Chauffeur 2
BS Plisser
BS Anguleux
LD Passion
LD Fantasme 1
LD Fantasme 2
LD Glamoureux
LD Foyer
LD Dix
LD Acide 1
LD Acide 2
LD Acide 3
LD Roule 1
LD Roule 2
LD Vite
LD Vite 2
LD Argente
LD Tordre 1
LD Tordre 2

Funk Wave

AR Athene
AR Athene 2
BS Phonky 1
BS Phonky 2
BS Phonky 3
BS Snappy 1
BS Snappy 2
BS Snappy 3
BS Moist 1
BS Moist 2
BS Moist 3
BS Chunky 1
BS Chunky 2
BS Chunky 3
BS Fretless 1
BS Fretless 2
BS Jazzy
BS Jazzy 2
DR Kick
DR Snare
DR Noise Hat
DR Noise Stick
DR Tom-tom 1
DR Tom-tom 2
FX Noise Up
FX Noise Down
KY Italo
KY Stardust
KY Stardust 2
KY Flange
KY Phaseclav 1
KY Phaseclav 2
KY Phaseclav 3
KY Phaseclav 4
KY Dusty 1
KY Dusty 2
KY Dusty 3
LD Soft
LD Soft 2
LD Soft 3
LD Hard 1
LD Hard 2
LD Hard 3
LD Acid 1
LD Acid 2
LD Acid 3
LD Stylo 1
LD Stylo 2
LD Unisono
LD Plucky 1
LD Plucky 2
LD Plucky 3
LD Raw Synthesizer
PL Duke 1
PL Duke 2
PL Playful 1
PL Playful 2
PL Deep
SY Obie 1
SY Obie 2
SY DIscopoly
SY Discopoly 2
SY Discopoly 3
SY Extra Wet


BS Acid Chorus
BS Stnd Bass
BS Modulat Bass
BS Dub Step
SQ ARPG Dark Bass
BS Long Bass
BS Hit Bass
LD Lead Weird
SY Lite Perc
PD Soft Pad
PD Ambience Pad
SQ ARPG Modular
SY Quick Stab
SY Disclose Chrd
SQ ARPG Dub Chord
FX They R Coming
SY Super Fast
SY You Tell Me
FX Percussion
DR 909 Kick
SY Weird Pluck
EP PianoLow Pass
FX Alien Chord
SY Techno Chord
SY No Air Synth
SY Standard Arpg
SY Gritty Flange
LD Berlin Lead
LD 80s Lead
SQ Huh?
BS Jungle Sub
SQ ARPG Play Delay
BS WalkingOnAcid
SY SwordSynth
PD Interstalla
FX Just Noise
FX Transistor
BS Warm Bass
SQ ARPG Dirt Effect
FX Random
FX Lasers
SQ ARPG Berlin Bass
SY InvisionPlucK
SY Swax Synth
SY Five Synth
SY Nice Chord
SY Reso Synth
SY Cool Pluck
SY Play Before

Melodic House

BS Atlantis
BS Soft Close
BS Boxy
BS Short Thick
BS Teasy
BS Unstable
BS Crook
BS Drama Shot
BS Subus
BS Fold
BS Dolly Out
BS Sub Thump
BS Angry Boar
BS Wide Dirt
BS Moving Roll
BS Low Movin'
PD Warm South
PD Slow Hike
PD Major Buddy
PD Crushed Road
PD Ice Cave
PD Grey Wind
PD Fuzzywoo
PD Portal
PD Metas
PD Saw Plains
PD Wet Moon
PD Rise & Fold
PD Deep Under
PD Dirty Move
PD Pulse Heart
PD Glass Army
SY Brassy Lane
SY King Stab
SY Overtone
SY Dune Sweep
SY Cliff Side
SY Bound
SY Bending Light
SY Muddy Scoop
SY Stabby Reso
SY Borderline
SY Go Trigger
SY Off The Bat
PL Short Layer
PL Lotus Pluck
PL Closed Hat
PL Thick Stop
SQ On Top
SQ Hurry
SQ Light Years
SQ Solo Drop
SQ Tri Trumpet
SQ Magnetic
SQ Kulper
SQ Tailed
LD Short Me
LD Karo
LD Late Duck
LD Sensy
LD Sure Thing
LD Shorties
LD Barber
LD Fiords

New Tech

BS Head Bass
SY Space Inject
SY Headspace
BS Ground Bass
BS Time Bass
SQ Dirty Arpg
SY Searching Syn
BS Phat Bass
BS Mars Bass
SY Rusty Synth
SY Gritty Pluck
BS Dist Bass
SQ Gritty Arpg
BS Dark Bass
BS Down Bass
SY Moonsurf
SY Dist Synth
SY Compi Pluck
BS Heat Bass
SY Runner Synth
SY Backroad
FM Saw Pluck
SY Gritty Funk
SQ Want Seq
BS Truck Bass
PD Form Pad
BS Passive Bass
SY Lost Funk
SQ Dirty Seq
SY Funk Blob
PD Lost
SY Set It Off

Space Pop

SY Plutos Pluck
SY SynthSpace
SY Pluck Delay
SY Pluck Distort
SY Clean Pluck
SY Lush
SY Stary Pluck
SY The Star
BS Clean Sub
BS Solid Pluck
BS Cool
BS Just Vibes
BS RetroVision
BS Phatz
BS One Bass
BS The Right One
PD Cosmic Fever
PD Cosmic Dreams
PD Endeavor
PD Chilled
PD Forever
PD Lunar Journey
PD Deep Space
PD The Eclipse
PD Space Riders
PD Deep Space
PD Under Water
PD Orbital
PD Astro
PD Voided Time
PD End Game
SY Quick Escape
SY The Musk
SY The Galaxy
SY Inertia
SY Craze
SY Inception
SY Forever Pulse
SY Neptune Pluck
BS Solar Places
BS Right Place
BS Deep Club
BS Soft Attack
BS Clean Drive
BS Tunnel Bass
BS Midskies
BS Plucky Cosmos
SQ The Moments
SQ Forever
SQ Mercury
SQ Ident
SQ The Unknown
SQ Invasion
SQ Mystery Space
SQ The Unison
SQ Bass Tone
SQ 4th Dimension
SQ The Remedy
SQ Sudden Impact
SQ Stranger Thing
SQ The Ends
FX Noise Riser
FX Clear Noise


Trappist Fade Bass
Repulse Bass
Deepdirt Bass
This Bass Moves
Pet Store Pad
The Clearing
Staccato Glide
Yazzzzzz Brass
OG Flute 106
106 Vanillapluck
106 Skware Pluck
Noise Bass
106 Classic
Round Bass
Solid 6
Ch Bass
ZAP Bass
Outrun Bass 6
ClassiC Bass
106 Magic Pluck
Leader Q
Jupiter 601
Backing Pad
Trance Bass
Cut Lead
POP Lead
Slick Lead
Echo Lead
Damaged Synth
Power Synth
Analog Round
Raw Synthesizer
Smooth 106
Useful Bass
Classic Juno
Bouncy Pluck
Pluck Arpg


BS Deepbass
BS Feelit Bass
BS Flange 16th
BS Teknoekko
BS Sharpwide
BS Club Growl
BS Pulsation
BS Bassbounce
PD Just A Pad
PD Frenchstring
PD Waverider
PD Jetstring
PD Ambisine
PD Squarial
PD Voicechoir
PD Feelit Pad
LD Dialtone
LD Gnarlish
LD French Brass
LD Underwater
LD Rezosweeper
LD Thinbrass
LD Poly 303
LD Throbber
PL Classic Pluck
PL Tribal Repeat
PL OG Pluck
PL Sparkler
PL Conga Pattern
PL Anabelle
PL Mullette
PL Sonarping
FX Helicopter
FX Bi-Plane
FX Air Raid
DR 4 on Floor
DR Hard 4/4
DR Analog Tom
DR Phased Hats
DR RetroCymbal
PL Classic 2Pluc

The Original 128 Vol 1

Brass Set 1
Brass Swell
Moving Strings
Brass & Strings
PianoLow Pass
Organ 1
Organ II
Combo Organ
D Pluck
Elect Piano I
Elect Piano II
Clock Chimes
Steel Drums
Brass III
Strings III
High Strings
Bass Clarinet
English Horn
Brass Ensemble
Dark Pluck
Funky I
Synth Bass
Lead I
Lead II
Lead III
Funky II
Synth Bass II
Funky III
Thud Wah
Going Up
Piano II
Frontier Organ
Snare Drum
Tom Toms
Synth Pad
Pluck Sweep
Sweep II
Pluck Bell
Dark Synth Piano
Wah Release
Resonance Funk
Drum Booms
Dust Storm
Rocket Man
Hand Claps
FX Sweep

The Original 128 Vol 2

Chorus Vibes
Organ 1
Harpischord 1
Perc. Pluck
Noise Sweep
Space Chimes
Nylon Guitar
Orchestral Pad
Bright Pluck
Organ Bell
FX Rise 1
FX Rise 2
Chorus Funk
TM Voice
FX Sweep 1
Sharp Reed
Bass Pluck
Resonant Rise
Harpsichord 2
Dark Ensemble
Contact Wah
Noise Sweep 2
Glassy Wah
Phase Ensemble
Chorused Bell
Organ 2
Brass Ensemble
Chorus Bell 2
E Piano Tremolo
Reedy Organ
Flute Horn
Toy EP
Surf's Up
OW Bass
Melodic Taps
Meow Brass
Violin (high)
High Bells
Rolling Wah
Ping Bell
Brassy Organ
Low Dark Strings
Piccolo Trumpet
High Strings
Rocket Man
Forbidden Planet


SQ Deep Wob
SQ Dreamy
SQ Low Pulse
SQ Magic
SQ Triple Tastic
BS 808 Boomin'
BS 808 Overload
BS 808 WideDist
BS Atak
BS Brassy
BS Crunchy
BS Fuming
BS Pulse
BS Punchy Sub
BS ReBass
BS Snoop
BS Sweeping Sub
BS Unstable
BS Vintage
DR Clean Kick
DR Closed Hat
DR Dist Kick
FX Deepsea
FX Harpoon
FX Noise Swell
FX Riser
LD Seventh Level
PL Bounce
PL Crushed Bells
PL Cyclops
PL Eternal
PL Mint Pluck
PL MuteBoi
PL Plunge
PL Shimmer
PL Spooky
PL What Pluck
PD Fire Wobble
PD Humble
PD Lowdown
PD Wavy
PD Wonky
SY Lavender
SY Lush
SY Plumber
SY Shine
SY Slender
SY Swell
SY Synergy