Juno-60 Roland Librarian Patch Samples


    All of these patches come available for free for the Roland Juno-60 via the Roland Librarian software. These are just sound clip examples.  These clips are for demonstration use only, and not for resale or reuse, commercial or otherwise. I am doing this to demonstrate the suitability of the Roland Juno-60, mainly for church environments.

    As well, I will include sound clips of other System-8 Plugins such as the System-8,  Jupiter-8, JX-3P, Jupiter-4, and Juno-106

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    I chose notes to play based on the type of patch.  I recorded them all in to my Boss BR-80 as one file, then parsed them out using Audacity.

    The second half of this article will include sound clips of some patches I have converted into pads.

    Roland seems to use following annotation: "BANK-PRESET-NAME".

    This article is currently a DRAFT. I have recorded all the examples of Roland Librarian presets, but the adapted patches below are still being recorded.

    Roland seems to use a naming convention as follows:


Factory 1

SY Poly Synth
SQ Dynamic ARPG
KY Delicate Keys
BR 60 Soft Brass
PD Classic Pad
LD Classic Lead
BS Ouch Bass
BL Bell Tower
SY PWM Stabs
SQ Dat Arpg
PL The Square
PD Ripple Pad
LD Rip Lead
BS Dynamic Bass
BS VeloRez Bass
SY Phloston
SQ Bass or Pluck
KY Classik Dekay
BR Softhorns
PD Saturate Pad
LD Juno Lead
BS Ikonbass
BL Holidaze
SY Magic Tones
SQ Pure & Simple
PL Tiny Pluck
PD Thick Motion
PD Your Majesty
LD Soul Icon
BS Slow Blob
SY Snow Drops
SQ Techno Arpg
KY Analog EP
BR Brass Pop
PD Big Pad
LD Echolocator
BS Saw Bass
BL Fairytale
SY Pulsar Twinkl
SQ Multirhythm
PL Perky Pluck
PD Dyno Sweep
PD SinusoidalPad
LD Silo Lead
BS WalkMe Bass
BS VeloMOD Bass
SY Hold/Evolve
SQ Dreamer ARPG
KY Organish
BR 60 SynBrass
PD Crystal Pad
LD Echo Chamber
BS Killer Bass
LD Panpype
SY Superstab
BR Bright Brass
PL Modern Pluck
PD Porta Pad
PD FoundUndergnd
LD Perc Lead
BS Juno Grime
FX Wind

Factory 2

SY Tiny Complex
PD Flutter Pad
BS Sub Pluck
SY Tremulation
PD Velo Pad
BS Parameter BS
SY Weird One
PD Rezo Pad
BS Pulse Bass
SY Echo Poly
PD Happy Pad
BS Fun Bass
SY Robots Rules
PD Rypsaw Pad
BS Chorus Bass
BS The 60
SY Poly Chord
PD Simple Pad
BS Juice Bass
SY Dusty Funk
PD Pulse Machine
BS More Grime
SY Rock 85
PD StMachine
1982 Strings 2
1982 Strings 3
1982 Organ 1
1982 Phase Brs
1982 Piano 1
1982 MellowPiano
1982 Harpsichd 2
1982 Guitar
1982 Synth Harp
1982 Bass 1
1982 Clav 1
1982 Pizzicato 1
1982 Xylophone
1982 Glocken
1982 Violine
1982 Trumpet
1982 Tuba
1982 Flute
1982 Clarinet
1982 Wah Bass
1982 Phase Combi
1982 Reed 1
1982 Pop Pluck
1982 PWM Chorus
1982 SynthOrgan
1982 Space 1
1982 Space 2
1982 Whistle
1982 UFO
1982 Space 3
1982 Surf
1982 Synth Drum

Analog Stars

BS Real Heroes
BS Boiled Alive
BS City Streets
BS Darkwave
BS Phasing Saw
BS Electric
BS Stallion
BS Classic 1
BS Classic 2
BS Classic 3
BS Millionaire
BS Dirty Sub
BS Monarchy
BS Purist Analog
BS Square 60
BS Gemini
PD Power Pad
PD Fat Chorus
PD Gentle Pad
PD Ambi Organ
PD Romantasaurus
PD Ana Strings
PD 80s Ballad
PD Bandpass
SY Little Piano
SY Poly 1
SY Poly 2
SY Ambient Fruit
SY Miami
SY Daydreamer
SY Dreamwave
SY Fantasia
SY High School
SY Porta Lead
SY Love Song
SY Pluck Keys
SY Funk Brass
SY Saw Keys
SY Nu Generation
SY Angels
BL Annabelle
BL Broken Dreams
BL 80s Bell
BL Galaxy 82
BL Lonely Hearts
FX Shooting Star
FX Snare Layer
FX Descender
PL Amethyst
PL Emeralds
PL Ruby
PL Progressive
PL 8th Wonder
SQ Filtertronic
SQ Heist
SQ Fanfare
SQ 1983
SQ Berlin School
SQ Vices
SQ Driver
SQ Fantasyland
SQ Video Gamez
SQ Expanse
SQ Pwm Quack

Basses Pads & Arps

BS Geneso
BS Poppy
BS Mystic
BS Warehouse
BS Prime Time
BS Clicking It
BS Gummy
BS Kronolight
BS Dark Matter
BS Pulsar
BS Snail
BS Dojo
BS Berliner
BS Cherry
BS Wobbler
BS Rocker
BS Froggo
BS Attacker
BS Unstable
BS Haunted
BS Faster
BS Kobe
PD Shoreline
PD Preacher
PD Metal Wave
PD Brassology
PD Drifter
PD Minerva
PD Dirty Mellow
PD Aftermath
PD Eclipse
PD High Moon
PD Astral Eulogy
PD Falling Star
PD Blackhole
PD Foster
PD Overtone
PD Arrival
PD Flutter Pad
PD Octane
PD Saturn
PD Space Cat
PD Velvet Heart
ARPG Bob's Heart
ARPG Follow Me
ARPG Square Ride
ARPG Softie
ARPG Binary Punk
ARPG Astro Turis
ARPG Mars Sunset
ARPG Restless
ARPG Rainbow
ARPG Chasing
ARPG Low Tunnel
ARPG Unitrons
ARPG Drunken Ant
ARPG Pluto Lande
ARPG Concerto
ARPG Solar
ARPG Grey Room
ARPG Blockbuster
ARPG Stairs

Brother Tiger

PD Pad of Dreams
PD Dromewave
PD Circadian
PD Chinook
PD Undercurrent
PD Horsin Around
PD Killer Swell
PD New Age
PD Bed of Chorus
PD Cascaded Tri
PD The Juno Pad
PD Paradise Pad
KY Bondi Baroque
KY View of '82
KY Meta Organa
KY Drowsy Keys
KY Aaeberwave
KY Kyolo Keys
KY Club 83
KY Water Glock
FX Hit the Chord
FX Haunted Haus
FX Squid Dreams
FX Taking Off
SY Waverly Place
SY Program Bias
SY Today's World
SY Guitarian
SY Seaside
SY Muted Mutes
SY Lil' Freq
SY Detuned Data
SY A Simple Blip
SY Data Entry
SY Ocean Ride
BR Filterator
BR Bent Brass
BR Cool Swell
BR Short n Sweet
SQ Arpg Standard
SQ New Beginning
SQ Grand Sphere
SQ The Future
SQ Down the Hole
SQ Signs of Life
SQ Simple Mover
SQ Cacophony
LD Arena Boys
LD Wha Lead
LD Ribbon Lead
LD Stage Stacks
LD Rezlead
LD Stasis Field
LD Waspish
BS Nightbeat
BS Sub City
BS The Tube
BS Full Gas
BS Grimey Sub
BS 90s Noize
BS Deep Sleep
BS Club Heaven


BR Eighties
BR Padded
BR Atmo Pad
BS Solid
BS Glide
BS Opening
BS Superstab
BS Square Sub
BS Pulsey
BS Seq Bass
BS Fizzed
BS Imager
BS Sustain
BS Short Simple
BS Soft Acid
BS Touch
BS Pulse Sub
BS Press & Hold
BS Driven Sub
FX Noise Sweep
FX LFO Sweeps
FX Noise Seq
KY Trill
KY Appear
KY Flanged
KY Voxy
KY Rezzzz
LD Bright
LD Floating
LD Release
LD Porta
LD Retro Wow
LD Sci Fi
LD Muffler
LD Verbed
LD Rez Woaw
LD In Stereo
LD Juno Dreams
LD Driven
LD Warb
LD Delay Plenty
PD Drift
PD Muted
PD Vintage
PD Gated
PD Soft Onset
PD Delicacies
PD Motion
PL Spacey
PL Vibra
PL Shorty
PL Drip
PL Crunch
PL Rez
PL Floaty Sq
PL Transient
SQ Trig
SQ Up & Down
SQ Movement
SQ Wonkeys
SQ Bassey
SQ Squelchy

Cyber City

BS Square One
BS Warm Line
BS Perpetuum
BS Hidden
BS Chance
BS Blitz
KY Close Call
KY Wind Organ
KY Picked Joy
KY Perc Synth
SY Sudden
SY After Dawn
SY Copter
SY Brassy Poly
SY Reso Wind
SY LFO Break
PL Orbit Arpg
PL Chase Arpg
PL Atom Arpg
PL Shortie Arpg
LD Bees
LD Glide Synth
LD Attacked
LD Space Age
LD Short Brass
LD Past Blast
PD Galactic
PD Revelation
PD Noise Pad
PD Visitor
PD Warp Travel
PD Washed

Future Bass

BS Future Gen
BS Noisy Fat
BS Sparrow
BS Low Rider
BS Wobble Man
BS LFO Riding
KY Busy Bee
KY Melancholy
KY Respiro
KY Wet Reso
SY Drymove
SY Backbone
SY Trumpets
SY Moving 60
SY Fuller
SY Shorting
SY Afterlife
SY Delegate
PL Pink Bubble
PL Pop Pluck
PL Corvin
PL Nano
PD Metallic Lush
PD Sway
PD Heart
PD Mystery
PD Resoport
LD Virtuoso
LD Lightport
LD Future Flute
LD Frontier
LD Octaver


AR Sinister
AR Accolade
AR Dewdrops
AR Propeller
AR Linnunrata
AR Karnage
AR Digimesh
BS Cruise
BS Rover
BS Perus
BS Suberpall
BS Lazertwink
BS Dangerous
BS Chrome
BS Datasse
BS Room 12
BS Kopa
BS Distress
BS Netrunner
DR Kick 1
DR Kick 2
DR Hi-hat
DR Shaker
DR Snare Layer
FX Clap
KY Noisesweep
KY Laffer
KY Primo
KY Ozloso
KY Arpeggime
KY Brassy P
KY BuzKey
KY Takauma
LD Velokeys
LD Urkuri
LD Bohemian
LD Stairkeys
LD 12 Fingers
LD Darkness 1
LD Darkness 2
PL Kassetti
PL Full Neon
PL Legotopluk
PL 80s Pipes
PL Broken Tape
PL Mello Pluck
PL Saudade
PD Aallokko
PD Cereal
PD Harmony
PD Haunting
PD Moldy Pad
SY Machoman
SY Slam Funk
SY Shivers
SY Polymon
SY Unifake
SY Shynth
SY Heeroics
SY Skweee
SY Cool D
ST Lampenius
ST Digiviol

Synth Pop

Classic Pad
String Pad
Phasy Pad
Soft Pad
Brassy Pad
Nostalgia Pad
Rainforest Bs
Vintage Bs
Summer Bs
Foly Bs
MassiveSix Bs
MiniMono Bs
Lead 1
Lead 2
Lead 3
Lead 4
Lead 5
Lead 6
Arpg 1
Arpg 2
Arpg 3
Arpg 4
Arpg 5
Arpg 6
Bell 1
Bell 2
Bell 3
Bell 4
Bell 5
Bell 6
Sci Organ
Click Organ


BS Proxy
BS Youth
BS Drive Bass
BS Vector
BS Reaper
BS SharpBass
BS Big Bass
BS San Vikky
PD Drifting
PD Ocean
PD Blanket
PD Old World
PD Swarm
PD Aurora
PD Palindrome
PD Petrity
PL Kimono
PL Ultimae
PL Phantasm
PL Cosmos
PL Romolo
PL Prisco
SY Reveal
SY Lotus
SY Verve
SY Horlus
SY Vanilla
SY Blossom
SY Majestic
SY Unisono
FX Dist-Synth
FX The Waiting