Jupiter-4 Roland Librarian Patch Samples


    All of these patches come available for free for the Roland Jupiter-4 via the Roland Librarian software. These are just sound clip examples.  These clips are for demonstration use only, and not for resale or reuse, commercial or otherwise. I am doing this to demonstrate the suitability of the Roland Jupiter-4, mainly for church environments.

    As well, I will include sound clips of other System-8 Plugins such as the Jupiter-8, Juno-106, JX-3P, and Juno-60

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    I chose notes to play based on the type of patch.  I recorded them all in to my Boss BR-80 as one file, then parsed them out using Audacity.

    The second half of this article will include sound clips of some patches I have converted into pads.

    Roland seems to use following annotation: "BANK-PRESET-NAME".

    This article is currently a DRAFT. I have recorded all the examples of Roland Librarian presets, but the adapted patches below are still being recorded.

    Roland seems to use a naming convention as follows:


Factory 1

BL Hollow Bell
BS Drive Bass
PD String Mech
SY Mondo Uni
BR Deep Brass
KY Klay EP
LD Four Lead
SQ Dreamtime Arpg
BL Deep Bell
BS Hollow Bass
PD Dark Pad
SY Space Square
PL Heaven Pluck
KY Glide Keys
LD Funk Lead
FX Transmission
BS Bass One
BS Bass Tech
BS Bass Q
BS Rez Bass
BS Bass Step
BS Order Bass
BS Noize Bass
BS Bass Pulse
SY Heavy Synth
SY UNI Synth
SY Glide Synth
SY Attack Synth
KY Reso Keys
KY Muted Keys
OG Blues Organ
OG Jazz Organ
PL Rez Pluck
PL Wobble Pluck
PL Square Pluck
PL Disto Pluck
PL SQR Pluck
BL Ana Bell
BL Magic Bell
PD 4 Note Pad
PD Bright Pad
PD Fase Pad
PD Ambi Pad
PD Swell Synth
PD Soft Pad
PD Dyno Pad
LD Lead 1
LD Techno Lead
LD Harsh PWM
LD Uni Lead
BR Synth Brass
BR Stab Brass
BR Ana Brass
BR Soft Brass
SQ Squeaky Arpg
SQ Rez Arpg
SQ Early Pop
SQ JP Arpg
PC Noise Hit
PC Hit Sweep
PC Cave Perc
FX Compu Room

Factory 2

1978 BASS
1978 PIANO
1978 VOICE
1978 SAX
1978 SYNTH

Factory 3

BL Trapped
PD Horizon
BS Phatz
PL Aquatic
BR Echoed
SQ Fantasy
LD Boss
KY Angelus
SY Sweeper
BS Heavy Side
SY PortoPoly
PL Coffee Shop
BL Glassic
PD Lost
LD High Reed
FX Dark Ride
BS Liquid
BS Big Show
BS Round Square
BS Basius
BS Low Funk
SY Blinding
SY Unstable
SY Classic V
SY Sharp Turn
SY End Star
SY Firty Rate
KY Phaser Port
KY Rotary Rave
KY Band Fuzz
KY Flutter Pulse
PL Bamboom
PL Swoof
PL Hype-R
PL Raindrop
BL Cute Stop
BL Pick Box
BL Old Timer
PD Icarus
PD Volt Core
PD Beyond
PD Slowbit
PD 2059
LD Glider
LD Reso Attack
LD Seeker
LD Starwalk
LD Gazer
BR Raiser
BR Big Bad
BR Tuba Gang
BR King Frog
BR Moofy
SQ Neon Dream
SQ Star Fugue
SQ Asylum
SQ Silk Gate
SQ Night Drive
SQ Beefy Wind
FX Bots
FX Noise Train
FX Slingshot
FX Ghosts

Brother Tiger

PD Evangelion
PD Ocean Blue
PD Tyrol World
PD Cloudbusting
PD Ghost Machine
PD The Theme
PD Waverunner
PD Cascadia
PD Wow Pad
PD Reso Bliss
PD Triangulation
PD Rising Tides
KY Organism
KY Kool Keys
KY Jupiter EP
KY Radar Suite
KY Smooth Keys
KY Baby Keys
KY Higher Tide
KY 84 Chords
KY Muted Hammers
KY Cyber Ballad
KY Tubular Bells
KY Digi Hurdy
SY Data Driven
SY Porta Prince
SY Usual Poly
SY Elastic Synth
SY For Brass
SY Touching Keys
SY Edgy Blips
LD Berlin Lead
LD Lonely Square
LD Porto Lead
LD Wobbler
LD Electric Life
LD Let Go
LD Console Lead
PL Wiggler
PL Ana Pluck
PL Data Center
PL Grainy Pluck
PL Rubberband
PL Water Mallets
PL Fully Analog
PL Broken Bells
BS Round Bassic
BS Bottomfeeder
BS Piped In
BS Hyperdrive
BS Haunted Sub
BS Gigawatt
BS R-Bass
BS Bounce Back
SQ Chord Fun
SQ Bent Lead
SQ Robo Rhythm
SQ Classic Arpg
SQ Angry Seq
SQ Stargazing
SQ Random AM
SQ Rave Chaos

In The Mode

Generator Pluck
Circulating Lead
Rando Noisepop
Sometimes Lead
Marionette Bass
In Control
Operator Baby
Resonance Boys
Skinny Lead
Go Arpg Go!
Not A Disco Bass
Speak Bass
Spell Pluck
S&H Melodies
Bass So Pretty
Pretty Classic
Camera Bass
Bright Lights
Dark Room
Lo Res Photo
Graphic Lead
Taura Bass
BM Tom-Conga
Any Bass Now
Tiny 2nd
2nd Voices
Second Square
2nd Shift
Now Bells
Just a Lead
Just Chimes
Adjusted Bass
Enough Pluck
Can't Get A Bell
Shining Lead
Rainbow Brass
Simple Snare
Dream Lead
Picture Da Pluck
Dream Bass
Association Hall
Pipe Dream
Lightswitch Pad
Frozen Bass
Machine Tap
DM Kick


BS Hunter
BS Jab
BS Slider
BS Flux
BS Pump
BS Mini
BS Damp
BS Villain
BS Tonic
BS Bottle
BS Destroy
BS Just A Phase
BS Sid
BS B-Wave
BS Belfrey
GT Harmonix
PL 1-Up
PL Harpy
PL Thinner
BL Crystalis
BR Big Brass
BR Brasio
BR Drama
ST The Unknown
ST Brightness
SY Solar Wind
SY 8-Bits
PD Dreaming
PD Cycle
PD Siren
PD Strangeland
PD Broken
BR Portastab
BR Superpulse
SY 1985
SY Off World
SY Triumph
SY The Four
SY Darklight
SY Longing
ST Lost Treasure
LD Leader
LD Starlight
LD Legacy
LD Halo
FX Storm
FX Laser Blaster
FX Factory
FX Tracker
SQ Matter
SQ Prague
SQ Jumper
SQ Capstan
SQ Portal
SQ Grid
SQ Crystal Bells
DR Kick 1
DR Kick 2
DR Sub Kick
DR Clap
DR Snare
DR Hi Hat

Space Drive

AR Empire
AR Calcolo
AR Momentum
AR Twinwave
BS Legacy
BS Kith
BS Sprawl
BS Halo
BS The Chase
BS Guai
BS Stasis
BS Challeng
BS Escape
BS Rosso
BS Vector
BS Camoflage
BS Corpo
BS Delta
BS Violence
BS Kadett
BS Tourmaline
BS Tango
BS Rotor
BS Airlock
BS Commando
BR Triumph
BR Royal
BR Memorek
BR Kide
DR Kick 1
DR Kick 2
DR Clap
DR Hi-hat
DR Snare 1
DR Snare 2
FX Noise Sweep
KY 83'
KY Lantern
KY Moldy
KY Olympa
KY Lauka
KY Poreamme
KY Raddd
KY Skates
LD Preem
LD Chron-o
LD Fizzo
LD Motora
LD Hobgoblin
LD Chaos
PD Marbles
PD Pearls
PD Kaiho
PD TOlvo
PD Lupaus
SY Wonderlust
SY Distcostab
SY Signore
SY Collette
SY Prosa
SY The Price
SY Hyperstab
SY Supreme
SY Sipario


BS Capricorn
BS Neon Pop
BS Violations
BS Rounders
BS Monster
BS Androids
BS Agresso
BS Italo Dance
BS Division
BS New Romantic
BS Phatt Sub
BS 1984
SQ Charger
SQ EDM Chords
SQ Hard Wired
SQ 8th Wave
SQ Planet X
SQ EDM Submarine
SQ Modular 101
SQ Sidechain Me
SQ Anthems
SY Emotion 96.3
SY Same Dream
SY Toronto
SY Sharp Brass
SY PWM Dreams
SY Synthpop 82
SY Ice Castle
SY Funky Brass
SY Electric Poly
SY Sentimental
SY Starlight
SY Hi-pass Rez
SY Sea Blips
SY Summer Boys
SY Astral Boy
SY Soft Bell
SY Armada
SY Shapeshifter
SY Baroque Harp
SY Poly Brass
SY Turn Bk Time
PD Nightrunner
PD Greek Blades
PD Diamonds
PD Fanfare Dream
PD Apparitions
PD Power Poly
PD Grandeur
PD High School
PL Space Pop
PL Chill Pluck
PL Pluck Magic
LD Trance
LD Exosun
LD Berlin Nights
LD Legends
LD Eurodance
FX Modular Hats
FX Wind Strike
FX Stun Gun
FX Sci-fi Riser
FX Phased Clicks