JX-3P Roland Librarian Patch Samples


    All of these patches come available for free for the Roland JX-3P via the Roland Librarian software. These are just sound clip examples.  These clips are for demonstration use only, and not for resale or reuse, commercial or otherwise. I am doing this to demonstrate the suitability of the Roland System-8, mainly for church environments.

    As well, I will include sound clips of other System-8 Plugins such as the Jupiter-8, Juno-106Jupiter-4, and Juno-60

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    I chose notes to play based on the type of patch.  I recorded them all in to my Boss BR-80 as one file, then parsed them out using Audacity.

    The second half of this article will include sound clips of some patches I have converted into pads.

    Roland seems to use following annotation: "BANK-PRESET-NAME".

    This article is currently a DRAFT. I have recorded all the examples of Roland Librarian presets, but the adapted patches below are still being recorded.

    Roland seems to use a naming convention as follows:


Factory 1

1983 String 1
1983 String 2
1983 Organ 2
1983 Organ 1
1983 Organ 3
1983 Brass 1
1983 Brass 2
1983 E. Piano 1
1983 E. Piano 2
1983 Harpsichd
1983 Clav
1983 Vibrphone
1983 Chime
1983 Celesta
1983 Accordion
1983 Voice
1983 Violin
1983 Flute
1983 Oboe
1983 Whistle
1983 Synth Brass 1
1983 Synth Brass 2
1983 Dist Guitar
1983 JuicyFunk
1983 Filter Flow
1983 Synth Wah
1983 Fat Fifth
1983 Sync Sweep
1983 Funky Clav
1983 Pulsar
1983 Planet
1983 Jet
SY Poly Stabber
PL PleasantPluck
SQ Ranger Strings
LD Leo Attack
PD Sometime Ago
BR Baby's Brass
BS Tasty Bass
SY JX Chord Stab
SY Umi Day
SY Gripped
SY LoungePulsChd
SY Harmonic Bloc
SY Heady
PL JX Pluck
PL Plucky Vibes
LD Grim
LD JX Sytar
LD Compu-Lead
PD Pin Tweaks
PD Sqr Place
PD Porto Call
PD Sweeping Reso
KY Briano EP
KY Bright Organ
BR BrassdrfmPast
BS Tight Bass
BS Bang Bang
BS Soft Push
BR Bright LFO Bs
SQ JX SimpleArpg
FX Hold For U
FX OneNoteArrivl

Brother Tiger

BT Cassette Arpg
BT Dreamy 5ths
BT Sunrise Pad
BT Square Arpg
BT Stab Keys
BT Glass EP
BT Detuned Bass
BT Woozy Organ
BT Lonely Church
BT Wah Lead
BT Aggro Vibro
BT JX Cellular
BT Dreamy EP
BT Sweller
BT Fifth Arpg
BT Italo Keys
BT Muted Brass
BT Chopped Chord
BT Island Flute
BT Harmonic Dream
BT Broken Synth
BT Resonator
BT Alphawave
BT Muffled EP
BT Random Pad
BT Square Bass
BT Flow Bass
BT Porto Lead
BT Sync Keys
BT Cycle Arpg
BT Saw Reso Keys


Paisley Org
Lead Sync
Here in My
The Truth
Lofi Harpsikord
Analog Wurly
Xmod Lead
Emotive Pad
Hexa Drum
Dream String
Arpg Pluck
Pretty Pad
Pad Fall
Bass all
String Machine
Pure Pad
VeloWave Bass
OutRun Bass
Bright Bass
Into Arpg
Lets Go Arpg
Synth Sound
Phased Subs
Fatsquare Bass
Cutting Bass
Big Stab
Planet Earth
XP Squarepad
Transient Pad
Frantasia 3P
Save A Lead
Large Scale Lead
Square Marimba
Schroeder Mode
Actual Bells
Symple Mynds
Lofi Saw Lead


SY Forever
SY The Cutoff
SY Bright Back
SY Tunnel Worlds
SY Time Beyond
SY Plural
SY Retros Guide
SY Spark Knight
SY Quick Tone
SY Our Space
SY Mr Mammoth
SY Jazz & Spice
SY Bypass
SY Cinematic
SY Bright Sky
SY Moon World
LD Elephant
LD Behind
LD Retro Rewind
LD Salted Chips
LD Heavens Open
LD Endless
LD Forests
LD Space Time
BS The One Bass
BS Observer
BS Release Me
BS Pulse
BS Never Ending
BS Yours
BS Deep
BS Pure Sub
PL The Moment
PL Endless Joy
PL Gamers Dream
PL Swift Grit
PL Fiesta
PL Renlu
PL Hands Up!
PL Soft Touch
PL Bright Show
PL Sharp Space
PL Tropical Isla
PL Fire Spark
PL Warm Nights
PL Deep Space
PL Gold Rush
PL Malware
SQ Dream Tone
SQ Euphoric
SQ Wonder
SQ Time Warp
SQ Slot Winner
SQ Mindwonder
SQ Flower Power
SQ Aqua
SQ Memories
SQ Never Stop
SQ Diamonds
SQ Emerald
SQ Tricky
SQ Venus
SQ Fizzy
SQ Noise Clean